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Wind Turbines
Wind Towers

Gasoline Generators
The Honda “EU” Series generator is hands down the best small generator on the marketplace. These little workhorses will outperform much larger generators in terms of battery charging performance in a renewable energy system. They all feature a variable throttle to match engine speed to electrical load. The EU series is powered by reliable Honda four-stroke engines utilizing patented exhaust and muffler technology that makes these generators the quietest gas powered generator on the market today!
Diesel Generators
If you are looking for fuel efficiency, longevity, and reliability, diesel is for you. You will pay more up front for a diesel unit, and recover that savings over it's lifespan. Diesel engines operate at 45% fuel conversion efficiency, as opposed to gasoline units around 30%. Lifespan is significantly longer. A diesel engine can be run on many types of fuels, including biodiesel.
LPG/CNG Generators
These are heavy-duty, mobile-use generators that operate on Propane (LPG) or Natural Gas (CNG) fuels and are modified for stationary-use. These generators offer extremely quiet operation - less than 70 dB(A) at 7 m (you can easily talk to someone else standing beside the unit). Electronic 3-wire automatic start for integration with generator start inverters such as the Xantrex XW, Outback, and Magnum inverters or manual remote switch.

Many remote homes already have a large propane tank that is occasionally filled by a truck. These generators can tie into that system, bringing an end to constant hauling in of fuel.
Propane generators will have the highest yearly fuel consumption when compared to other high quality gasoline and diesel generators. They also tend to have the shortest lifetime.
Generator Accessories
Cables, mufflers, and accessories that are often required to complete your generator installation.

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