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Modified Sine Inverter

Once the most common type of inverters, modified sine wave inverters are generally considered obsolete by today's standards. At one time, pure sine wave inverters were significantly more expensive. Today's pure sine wave inverters have come down in cost dramatically, making it a simpler choice.

• Main disadvantage is peak voltage varies with battery voltage. Inexpensive electronic devices with no regulation of power supply may behave erratically when battery voltage fluctuates.

• Not all modified sine wave inverters are created equal. A high quality modified sine wave inverter will run most loads without a problem.

• Low-cost, lightweight modified sine wave inverters generally produce very dirty power and not recommended for any important or sensitive loads.

Sine Wave Inverter / Chargers
Sine wave inverters are the ultimate inverter. They produces electricity similar to or better than utilities with virtually no harmonics.

• Will run any appliance - typically used to run appliances sensitive to other waveforms like computers and electronic entertainment equipment.
• More expensive than modified sine wave inverters
Sine Wave Inverters, Small
Inverter-only without chargers or transfer switching.
Power Panels
Power panels are the ultimate in installation convenience. Choose from a wide variety of inverter, controller, transformer and other options. Have the whole unit custom-assembled for your installation.

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